Hello There!

cropped-crow-face.jpgWelcome to CounterClockWise

This little site is devoted to BETTER SLEEP and BETTER THINKING.

(And WRITING STORIES!  I'm on a life-mission to write thoughtful fiction, and if you're here, you get to read as much as you like.)

For better thinking, look ye to the right for some of the good bits, or keep an eye on the blog, where things pop up now and again.  

For stories, well, they're sporadic and poorly-collected for now; but hey, if you'd like free fiction once in a while, maybe sign up for the mailing list?  (Top right, see the box?  I NEVER spam, send ads, or share your info / email in any way.)  One of my goals this year is to actively give away more of my writing, instead of just shyly showing my friends, so if you'd like to be part of that experiment, I welcome you!

For sleep, oh man there's a LOT here.  I've spent since about 1999 experimenting and learning about sleep, specifically trying out and learning about polyphasic sleep schedules, and much of my collected notes, articles and thoughts on what I've learned are here:  Start with this page for an intro and a whole lotta links.  Enjoy!