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Confronted with time and space to type (and yes, chores, but it’s early and it’s Saturday), I have a giant wad of scattered thoughts that need to go exactly here. I’ve met my word-count on the Big Wordsing pretty consistently and I will today too (see, that’s called neural programming ;)), so as a reward (to me, if not exactly to you!) I get to dump them in a post. Yay!

1. I’m done with / now against the idea of “overpopulation” as the cause of shittiness on Earth/possible extinction. I read up on it some, and I strongly dislike that to be alarmist about overpopulation is to claim that _humanity_, the existence of the human form as a social animal, is the reason everything is going / might go to shit. And I think that’s violently wrong, and a serious cop-out for the things that really _are_ making things shit. Like lack of birth control, and access to clean water — you know, the stuff Nestle is buying all of. And being serious about respecting our environment. And oh yeah, just to put a pin in it, Capitalism. Things going to shit was NOT a built-in outcome of the emergence of homo sapiens on the planet; nor is it an inevitable result of us having complex and social minds. People are poor and hungry and the climate is changing etc because our culture sucks and is self-destructive as practiced: If we go down in flames, it will be because WE, who can choose how our society works, did not change the self-destructive things about our Empire of Greedy Bullshit in time. *Nature is not on the hook for this.* There’s nothing that anyone can point to that’s _inherent_ in human beings that would destroy the planet — only things exherent; things we have a choice about. The more I think about it, this is such a fundamental, sneaky re-direct/re-framing of such deep-rooted problems and fears, it’s terrifying to think how much effect it might have had, and still be having, on people. And it was a huge, huge topic for a while, from a few hundred years to a few decades ago; there’ve been loads of books about it — and many more of them focused on Thanos-style elimination than, say, universal access to birth control. Terrifying. (Re: Thanos, I haven’t seen the movie, so don’t spoil it! I’ve read The Infinity Wars, which you should too if you haven’t. It’s great. :D)

2. I’m taking a course on Memory systems online — I’ve read a lot about them before, and I use a scattering of lesser tricks from the field regularly; but this time I actually intend to push myself to learn and get good at the Major System and maybe Journeys as well. Cool stuff!

3. On the topic of exercises, the Bloody Nine is working out pretty well! I’m a bastard to motivate and my track-record is far from perfect, but as a system it has everything (I think, so far) needed to keep me on track: It’s fast (except on days I’d prefer it be slow), it’s flexible, and it’s enough to say you’ve had some training for the day, while leaving plenty of energy to do more later if you want. It gets the blood going, stretches everything that needs it, and works around injuries or tender spots flawlessly. There’s only been one day I really couldn’t do it, and I had a nasty tension headache is why, so that’s a pretty great record so far. The Bloody Nine or B9, by the way, is three times [three sets of [any exercise] TO FAILURE — i.e. as many as you can do]. I write it 3x3F: three exercises, three sets to failure. Any exercises, any order. Try not to stop until you’re done (though sometimes I do stop, esp. to rest a knee). Done perfectly, that amounts to a ~15m optionally-HIIT workout targeting whatever’s best/possible for you today, with enough reps that you’ll probably feel it tomorrow :) I’m a fan!

4. Speaking of motivation, I’m in one of those places right now where there are a bunch of big changes I want to make, and the Universe is just stompin’ around kicking things over on me left and right. So I’m forced to wait, frustratedly, on things I’m all zingy and hopeful about, and try to just keep chugging along and going to work (omg work…I really like my job now! but it takes a CHUNK of energy, whew) and doing the B9 and getting my writing done every day, taking my vitamins, drinking enough water, napping — you know the drill. The drilllllll :/ I know it’s important to be good at the drill, and I do pretty well, really; but it’s the being able to start new ventures that keeps me going. Being stuck is a DISLIKE. …And so of course, the Universe in its wisdom often chooses to test my ability to wait for a beneficial (or possible) time to start things. Bah! :)

5. Last thing — do you remember that/why there are ALWAYS FIVE? I’ve made a point of lists of five as a general rule since the LJ days :) — I don’t have a five today, or rather if I did I wouldn’t get anything else done, so have a great day! (It’s finally, finally seeming not-shitty out here in Boston. Oh man the springs here are _brutally_ gross. So I’m giddy cuz the windows are open. :D)

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