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Somebody has to speak

"Somebody has to speak for them as has no voices," said the marvelous character Granny Aching in Wee Free Men. And this advice — it's more of a demand, though, isn't it? — was penned by a man who, handed … Continue reading

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Use Details to Battle The Devil

LIES AND MORE LIES The Devil is the Father of Lies, as we know.  And that terrible capital-D voice in your head when you're depressed, most of us also know, wants to make everything look hopeless.  Depression wants to color everything with its bleakness — past, … Continue reading

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A daily workout that’s simple and works: HIIT The Deck

THE "HIIT THE DECK" WORKOUT There are doubtless other posts about similar workouts, but as I learned this through oral tradition (passed on to me by a footy team, no less) and I've definitely developed my own way of making it work … Continue reading

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Technically correct is the funniest kind of correct

Hey all!  OMG, I'm so sorry to have vanished for so long.  :/  I think I got — to be brutally honest, which OH HEY I've missed this little forum where I get to be entirely that — I think … Continue reading

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Finally, a perfect body

I’m being told, by individual mouths as well as much of my culture, that I should be upset and/or ashamed that my body is, at age 38, no longer “perfect”. Well, it wasn’t perfect before. Or rather, if I looked … Continue reading

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A sweet little fiction

So one time this culture discovered that a readily-available plant had a really tasty component, and they began harvesting, and then cultivating and later, processing and refining and making all kinds of analogs and variations on the tasty stuff. Everyone … Continue reading

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I’ll stim with you

I saw myself in the subway today.  Twenty-five or so and Asian and wearing lipstick, but otherwise, me. She was stimming like crazy. People seemed to both avoid and ignore her, giving her twice the personal space of anyone else, … Continue reading

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Dickinsian and how

Here's a lovely poem that I had never heard before today: I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, And Mourners to and fro Kept treading – treading – till it seemed That Sense was breaking through – And when they … Continue reading

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This was so dead right that I cried.

Both the single best TED talk I've ever seen, and one of the best *things* I've ever seen, period. I want to live in a world where everyone has watched this.  

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Five technical terms you should really know about depression

<strong>Depression itself is not a disease: &nbsp;It&#39;s a complex emotion</strong>, one that mostly-healthy people can go through due to a variety of factors. &nbsp;It&#39;s normal to be depressed for a day sometimes, or for longer in response to getting dumped … Continue reading

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