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Be yourself and feel good about it, no matter what they say

Somebody has to speak

"Somebody has to speak for them as has no voices," said the marvelous character Granny Aching in Wee Free Men. And this advice — it's more of a demand, though, isn't it? — was penned by a man who, handed … Continue reading

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The right and the wrong of the incels

So I keep running into these "involuntary celebate" guys online.  This is a whole segment of the human western culture that's hyper-frustrated at not feeling able to get laid, and is yelling about it because they feel they're being treated … Continue reading

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Technically correct is the funniest kind of correct

Hey all!  OMG, I'm so sorry to have vanished for so long.  :/  I think I got — to be brutally honest, which OH HEY I've missed this little forum where I get to be entirely that — I think … Continue reading

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Finally, a perfect body

I’m being told, by individual mouths as well as much of my culture, that I should be upset and/or ashamed that my body is, at age 38, no longer “perfect”. Well, it wasn’t perfect before. Or rather, if I looked … Continue reading

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How to be good at dirty talk

Lessons I'm sure I'll never have reason to teach anyone, but which are cool to be *qualified* at teaching: I'm awesome at this now. Whenever someone wants it, over the phone, in their ear, in text-messages, I jump right in … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Being Friends (You Did Not, In Fact, Learn In Kindergarten)

There's more to it than just sharing your toys sometimes and not hitting.  Being an adult friend means these things too: You will not hurt your friend.  That means no deliberate cruelty, ever, in verbal or other form — if you lash … Continue reading

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On Intro- and Extroversion: Labels Are Dangerous

(I owe the polyphasic community like six hundred updates — sorry guys!  My productivity has been miserable lately, for reasons that have nothing to do with sleep.  Actually, that's one of the posts I need to write:  How being polyphasic … Continue reading

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Overly Honest

This, I think, falls under "Blogging nobody wants to read" — Sometimes I wake up and I'm not sure what to think, what to do, and then I sit down and write for a while and EUREKA, I HAVE IT!.  … Continue reading

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Obvious Lessons in Exercise: We’re All Stuck Embodied

I don't fsck with not getting exercise anymore. I do at least the basics (pushups/situps/squats/triceps/or something), stretching, and some weightlifting, at least a few times a week, no matter what.  I also make sure to get a workout from walking … Continue reading

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Arisia 2011, said the totally bland headline

(Yes, sometimes I am allergic to bland titles for things.  Shup.) So, I've never been to a big bustling con before.  I've been to Construct, which is a small (comparatively) relaxacon in SE MI, and run by by my friends … Continue reading

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