essential oil of existential crisis

This morning my brain was trying really hard to tell me a thing, so I wrung it out in the simplest language I could for myself.  I kinda liked the result, so, here!  ::throws apple & runs::



Today can still be a day you do better.  Today can be the beginning
of a better era for you.
You can start right now.

Whatever you’re doing, do it more mindfully.
Watch carefully as you do it.

If it’s something inferior, stop right now.
Just drop it.  You can.
If it’s good, do it fully, let your self flow in to your work.  This will make your work wonderful.

You have that power.  If you pay attention.

You can also relax — let go of what you can and still stay standing;
drop all of the shit you’re holding up that you don’t need to.
Give yourself back that strength.

With just those two things — relax,
and pay attention,
you can salvage any day.  Or any life. 

Try it.

Try it now.

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Word addict, kungfu/taiji nut, and life-partner to polyphasic sleep. Rabid fan of as many hobbies as the world will let me pry into its piddly fourth dimension (it helps to have knocked out the wall).
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