Forced Desynchrony Recovery

I like how natural it feels to refer to the world forcing me to be monophasic as "forced desynchrony".  Like, yes, forcing vegetarians to eat burgers is not ok, and neither is forcing me to sleep on your shitty 8-hour schedule.  ::glare::

Anyway, I'm mostly back!  The period of sleep-dep was a day longer than I expected, and nearly everything about coming back from it has been unideal.  Instead of getting at least one nap on the last day of the summit and then being picked up from the airport and driven home to blissfully sleep off the sleep-dep, however long that took, I was kept from napping both at the hotel and the airport, had to endure a long commute home with my luggage, and then arrived to find my partner very ill and requiring pretty intense care through the night.  I hit near-having-a-newborn-levels of sleep dep with that one, and I only got about 4h before I had to literally tear myself out of bed to go to work again.  BUT, I was able to get an afternoon nap, and lay down for an evening one (I was too stressed to sleep, but smart enough to take the break and lay down anyway).  

However, you can imagine my shock when I went to bed that night, setting my alarm for as late as I dared, figuring if I slept the whole 8.5-9h, forget it, I needed it (especially with a germ-infested person in my room!) … and woke up at precisely 4:15am, feeling great.

It took ONE day of Everyman 4.5 to, I'm guessing, recover about 80% from that hellish week of torture.  WHAT.

I'm pretty sure that if I'd gotten that sleep-deprived and had to fix it with monophasic nights-of-sleep, just one 8h night wouldn't have done it.  

But one 4h night with 2 naps did.

I usually try to be at least moderately scientific; or at a bare minimum show actual respect for the real scientific method, if for no other reason than to counteract the antiscience pull of my culture…but today, I give up.  



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